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Kids' Scavenger HUNT

Kids Scavenger Hunt Details:

When:    1:30 PM, August 10th, 2024
Start:      Brant Lake Marina
End:       The Hub Brant Lake
Cost:      $10.00 per paddler
Ages:       6-12
Distance:  Appx 0.5 Miles

-Parent/Guardian waiver required
-PFD's Required
-Parent/Guardian present for race

-Parents are encouraged to paddle with

  or along side their paddler. 

Course Description:

Paddlers will begin at the Brant Lake Marina and collect pieces of the scavenger hunt along the route. Once the route is complete paddlers will receive a special prize. Parents are welcome and encouraged to paddle along. 

This is a bring your own canoe/kayak event. 

Course Map:

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 8.45.38 AM.png
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